Allow config overrides via environment variables

I’m running Kanboard on Kubernetes
I’m trying to set the config variable PLUGIN_INSTALLER to true. This is meant to be easy, however according to the docs (“You can store your own config file on the data volume: /var/www/app/data/config.php.”) I have to put the custom config file in the data directory. This means the config file has to reside on the persistent disk we use for data instead of in the repo with the helm chart. I haven’t found any docs on changing the location of the custom config file.

All the config keys seem to be straightforward KV pairs. Most projects that have custom config files also allow environment variable overrides for those same config parameters. So can we make this a feature so that it’s not ridiculously difficult to set a config value?

This is an old issue, but I second this. Configuration by environment variables is best practice, really.

I created this issue: Allow config overrides via environment variables · Issue #5038 · kanboard/kanboard · GitHub