Taglist Plugin: Selection of tags for filtering

Hi Timo, hi all,
still struggling with how to make use of Kanboard in our company, and I stumbled accross the following:

When assigning a global tag to a card I can find it in the list of tags by just typing some letters and the selection is beautifully reduced to show only the tags matching the letters typed so far.
Not so when selecting the tag for filtering - here I have to rummage through all applicable tags until I find the one wanted.

Not that this is very important, but could the feature from tag assignment be easily copied to tag filter selection?

(hope i worded this clearly)

Unfortunately the filter bar is a little more complex :confused:

So there is not easy way to copy this behaviour. But I would agree, that the filter bar is not very user friendly.

If it is comlicated so be it - this is not a show stopper for me.

More important to our use of kanboard is “mark tags inactive”, which is not related to your plugin as I learned.