Any way to link tasks like in GitHub?

Is there any easy or simple way to automatically add a ‘link’ or ‘comment’ to tasks from other tasks in the comments… the way GitHub does it by mentioning issues?

Example, if we create a comment a comment in a task, it currently shows us a link to the other task…but if you go to the other task, it is not automatically linked back.

How can you link to a comment of a task? From Comment to another task is OK, this works. But comments?
And the way back is another story. I don’t know.

haha I’m asking the same…

If you add #125 to github comments, it creates an entry in the comment section that #124 mentioned #125… It would be create if that could be in Kanboard aswell.

Currently, the only way to ‘link’ between tasks is through manually adding an internal link

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It seems like it should be possible. The “permalink” (so to speak) for a comment ends in


(a real example from one of my projects). I haven’t checked the API, but it seems to me at the time a comment is posted, you know the task_id from the task that you’re posting to, and so in this example “#11” could be resolved to task_id=64&comment-11 as in the example to add to the end of the URL.

I wonder what this menu entry means in the local comments menu:


It does not do anything… i’am not sure which plugin added it, but maybe this can be improved? Or anyone knows more about it?

Wrong! It modifies the contents of the URL bar in the browser, to refer to the current comment.

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agreed, it creates a direct link to the comment (if you look in the address bar)

The Glancer plugin, extends that and copies the comment link to the clipboard.


yeh there seems to be a way, I dont fully understand it yet.

Ultimately, once a comment mentioning a task is created, it should create a ‘matching’ comment in the other task… thats the original thought anyway, the same as the way GitHub comments work.

Will look into it more once I have released my next plugin

Awesome. Never did notice that :slight_smile:

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