Conditions for Automatic Actions

Hi everyone,
I need to add conditions for Automatic Actions. For example: Duplicate the task to another project if the task is category A
Is it a good idea to have this feature? Is there any workaround?
If a plugin is the right way to have this feature is there anyone interested to code for me?

asking what the category is, and determining if it meets the requirement to perform the action…there isn’t anything to “add”, you can do this already.

Hi Creecros, thank you for your response. But I couldn’t get how to do it. Can you explain more pls?
Currently, there is this Automatic Action for Task Duplication. But I see no where to add the condition.

sorry, what i meant was, the conditional requirements already exist to “write that code.” you wouldn’t be adding the “feature.” you would still need to create the automatic action though.