Days before last modification on cards?

Hi !

For now, there is 2 informations for dating card on boards :


Is there any plugin or configuration to modify this ? I think i will be interesting to have “days before last modification”.


This doesn’t sound impossible to realize, but I don’t know of any existing solution.
Out of curiosity: For what do you need the time span between task creation and last modification?

I’m using kanboard to follow activies of teams and I don’t use the actual informations. In my mind, last activity date will be more interesting to me.

Maybe it’s not necessary : I have tried to play with filter updateRange to show only last cards with activites since 7 days, it’s works with updatedRange:"2023-11-01..2023-11-08" but it’s a bit annoying, is there any possibily to make a filter like this : updatedRange:>-7 days ?

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