Domain Setup Strategy

Do you have a personal domain name just to host personal Kanboard instance for personal tasks?

Or do you use your business domain name for company and personal tasks as well?

I’m trying to determine what is the best way to set up domain for personal and company tasks.

I use one domain, one kanboard…both business and personal

I’ve just managed to install a second kanboard on a sudomain, but thats for testing purposes of my plugins.

For small setups or a few users, multiple kanboards doesn’t seem practical to me. Too much to monitor.


Thank you for the response.

What kind of domain?

I was thinking of just generic domain.

Yes generic… This was how the ApplicationBranding plugin was made. I played with the word ‘workspace’ to make it generic and rename the kanboard through ApplicationBranding if I changed it ever later

That’s very clever, thanks.

Another thing you may like to know which I read was that internal applications like Kanboard etc. are generally used on subdomains so they don’t accidentally get picked up by search engines.

Example: <!-- A landing page, related or non-related or just a white page --> <!-- A Kanboard installation --> <!-- Another Kanboard installation -->

So effectively, Kanboard is hidden to the public as best as possible.

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