Dummy project with dummy tasks and subtasks

So I am new to the Kanboard app (although I am already familiar with kanban concept) I found earlier this week in the dashboard of my digital account at university. And I would like to make this one suggestion.

As a user logs in for the first time, it would be so nice, I believe, that they found there a dummy project with dummy tasks and subtasks, for a happier learning’s sake and user experience.

If anyone of you guys senior members could come up with a project complex enough (like a real-life university semester), it sure would catalyze the learning process!


  • Sign up for that class before a specific date
  • Contact tutor to set up a meeting
    • Email them an assignment three days before meeting
  • After meeting, send verbatim to such and such
  • Work on an assignment
  • Hand in that assignment
  • Email students’ non profit org (that you run) to remind everyone their assignments are due next meeting
  • Hand in doctor’s note for having missed a class
    …and so on