Highlight / filter tasks that are stuck in a column

I’m not sure if this feature maybe exists yet and I haven’t found it, or whether maybe this should be a new feature request.

I find myself managing a process that has many different individuals involved in helping push a ticket across the board, thus there are many opportunities for a ticket to become stuck in one column.

As a user managing a complex process, I want the ability to highlight tasks that have been stuck in the same column for more than X amount of time, so that I can focus on finding out why those are stuck and how to unstick them.
- Since I have a different expectation of each column about what “stuck” means, I need to be able to set up a different time “X” for each column. I don’t care how the highlighting happens, a notification by email is fine, using colour or filters or tags are fine too.

Am I asking for a new feature, or am I just missing some existing functionality?

[edit] added detail to user story as I realized it didn’t quite capture what I need to do.

You can use the “moved” filter.

moved:"<-2 days" you filter taks that were moved last before (<) 2 days ago (-2 days)

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you can use hours, minutes, days, weeks…

Thank you! That’s great.