How can I delete multiple tasks from the Backlog column

I mistakenly added multiple tasks (50) to my backlog. Out of which I now need to delete 35. What I know is to delete task one-by-one, which takes a lot of time.
Is there a way to remove them in 1 step?
Your help will be much appreciated.
Thanks and regards

Unfortunately i think there is not a simple way to bulk delete…
…however there is a slightly more complicated one,
altough you have already done this by hand already.

I post here just in case it helped someone:

  • Create a new project, lets call it Trash
  • Create a new column in you existing project “Move to Trash”
  • Create a new automatic action in your existing project, Action “Move the task to another project”, Event “Move a task to another column”, Column “Move to Trash”, Project “Trash”
  • Filter your board with column:Backlog
  • Go to List view
  • Select the tasks you want to delete
  • Apply action: Move selected tasks to another column, Column “Move to Trash”
  • Switch to your Trash project and remove it