Import custom filter from an other projet


It would be great if we could duplicate Custom Filters like Automatic Actions when creating a new project from an other one.

Or, to be able to import Custom Filter from an other projet just like for Automatic Actions.

If we could select the one that we want to import, it would be perfect !

Don’t you think ?

No comment on this topic. No one seems to want this feature ?

I started working on it, it’s done but I didn’t create a pull request yet because it’s missing the unit tests.
In the next couple hours I’m free I’ll finish it and then make the pull request.
Meanwhile, if you wish to test it (clone-filters branch):

You can check the last commit to see what i changed.

Many thank’s, that’s great ! :grinning:

I have submitted the pull request!

I hope it will be shipped with the next release :crossed_fingers:

Thank’s :slightly_smiling_face: