Kanboard hosted locally - emails are not received


Could somebody help me with the right settings for email sending and receiving, when I host Kanboard locally on Windows with Apache, please? I tried it, but I didn’t receive any email or notifications from Kanboard (in settings are notifications set). Where is the problem?

Thanks for your help.

Another guessing session?

  • What exactly did you try and how?
  • What errors did you got?
  • How do you want to send e-mails?

It’s tedious asking all that all the time, just because you don’t supply any details or config information from your side.


Totally agree with this, though I’d say there’s a very high chance that it’s a transport problem.

You can get sendmail for Windows, but it looks like it’s tricky to install and it’s not going to magically send mail for you–you need to configure it properly.

If you use smtp instead, you need access to an SMTP server that’s going to relay mail for you. You can’t just use “gmail” or whatever. Most email providers have relaying turned off or heavily locked down because otherwise they’d be hubs for spammers. You can install your own SMTP server on the machine hosting kanboard, but again, you have to configure it properly.

So the bottom line is you kinda have to know what you’re doing setting up email, and know for certain that you’re able to send email from the machine where you’re hosting kanboard, before you have a hope of getting email from kanboard to work.

My recommendation therefore is to first verify that you can send email from the machine hosting kanboard using a local tool (not webmail, but a locally-installed client), and once you know you can do that, configure kanboard with the same settings your email client uses.


I think, most of the mail servers will refuse any mail sent by a “home” server, especially if they are behind a dynamic IP address. But how can tell if we don’t know anything? :wink:

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Oh I know. More detail is needed to diagnose and help for real.

However, I am very frustrated with this dynamic you see a lot on github, where someone posts an issue that lacks some detail, and the developers do nothing whatsoever except say “I can’t help you without more detail”. To me that often feels like a cop out, not to mention a bit lazy. In this particular case, it’s almost surely a transport issue, and OP needs to go verify that any program on their Windows machine can send email before assuming it’s a kanboard-related problem. If/when they report back, it’s either problem solved, or they’ll have some details about why kanboard is implicated in the problem.

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OP probably did nothing and just expected email to work right off the bat.

Use SMTP, its probably the easiest option to setup.

Put this in the config.php, and fill in the info for your SMTP:

// We choose "smtp" as mail transport
define('MAIL_TRANSPORT', 'smtp');

// We define our server settings
define('MAIL_SMTP_HOSTNAME', 'mail.example.com');
define('MAIL_SMTP_PORT', 25);

// Credentials for authentication on the SMTP server (not mandatory)
define('MAIL_SMTP_USERNAME', 'username');
define('MAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD', 'super password');

also, change your email sender address in Settings>Email settings to match sender, some hosts get mad about that.


Thanks. The first attempts with smtp were unsuccessfully. I set the required informations into the config file and restarted Apache. After that when I enabled smtp in Kanboard settings and when I wanted to add a task or create a comment, after clicking on save, nothing happened for more than 30 seconds. It didn’t work.
I’ll try it again and let you know. I will also add details. Is stmp the fastest way to send emails to throw Kanboard?

Thank you all.

You actually can use gmail, but you need to add 2 way auth and enable some stuff, it is a pain in the bundunka butt. gmx works with relative ease though.

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I’m getting crazy.

Completely unrelated.

You’re already looking for a fast way, before having a working one?

Please report EXACTLY what you tried and how, what errors you got, then we can help you. Until then, I’ll shut up. :roll_eyes:

Ah yes, that’s a good point, thanks @creecros.

So I finally could try changing settings in config file. I figured out that I chose the wrong port number. Emails are sent normally. But now when I want to add a task, after clicking on “save” button, it saves after 3-5s, not immediately. Why such delay, please? Is smtp method slower than others?

And what about security? I found out that Kanboard encrypts tasks, comments and files… But what about “config.php” file where are the login details and password for email notifications freely listed? Why this file is not secure? Why this settings can not be set inside Kanboard settings?

I also have a problem with moving tasks in the board. The move does not happen immediately. When I move a task, a scroll wheel appears (3-5 seconds). Only then will the task be moved. Is it possible to speed it up please?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you

Speed is not something anyone could possibly diagnose, without more information.

For all i know, you’re running kanboard on a 30 year old laptop with a slow ass HDD, or some old NAS, or even your internet might be 3rd world. Who knows? I definitely dont know.


You can’t change the values, but you can view the values for the settings with this plugin

I’m running Kanboard on ThinkPad E14 with Ryzen 7 4700U and SSD SN570. I don’t think it is a slow machine and I can’t explain slow myself a slow speed when I’m adding a task with email notifications set. Without setting email notifications to smtp Kanboard is running fast.

Myth and legends, or something I simply don’t know. Maybe you mean the transport over https? Once again, vague and unclear.

My config.php is not “freely listed”. It’s only accessible by the user who is running the web server, and that’s a MUST. But you run all this on a winbox, who knows what you all have shared there.

I’m sorry. I still don’t know to ask correctly because I do not understand this topic a lot. I know, that slower speed during adding tasks and comments are caused by email client (via SMTP), which sends emails with notifications about changes to users during these activities. In any case, I do not know how to speed it up. I will try another email address provider.

Thank you for your help. I have to figure out the Kanboard issues myself. That way I will learn more. My questions on this forum are not enough anyway, as I don’t know what all is needed to solve these problems to share with you.

Yeah, but getting the problem(s) solver here might help others with their issues. And that’s what a forum was made for.

Some buzzwords for you: config, mail-transport, network, dns, authentication, virus-scanner…

And enabling the debug.log may often help.

I havent experienced smtp slowing down kanboard. But can see how it would relate.
Id suspect your mailserver is slow.