Plugin Developing Help

We use kanboard internally and I would like to log some actions. I thought the easiest way was to develop a plugin that writes a file in the format I need.

However, I am missing something. I’d be happy to be pointed to the manual if the answers are there.

. To call a function when a webhook event happen I need to use the function on of the class Plugin. It takes the webhook name and a function whose parameter is a reference to a Pimple\Container. Assuming this is correct, the question is: is this Pimple\Container instance described somewhere? Where can I find the info about the action? For example if the webhook is task.move.column where can I find what task has been moved, from where to where?

. If an action does not appear in the webhook event list, how difficult would it be to add it? For example I would to add the “Add a new column” action. But as far as I saw there is no hook for it. It would be difficult to fire a new event in the app/Model/ColumnModel.php create function (or where it is more appropriate in the case) to react to it with the on function?


What exactly are you trying to accomplish

I am trying to log some of the actions that happens in a running instance of Kanboard. To log the actions I would like to write a plugin.

The problem I have is that I cannot find how to use the Pimple\Container instance that is passed to the on function of the plugin class when a webhook event is called.

I meant to get back to you. Sorry. For events, look into symphony generic events and dispatcher.

If the event already exists, but isnt in the event manager, you can register it.