Recurring task trigger other than last column?

Recurring tasks worked fine when my last column was Work Completed. Then I added another column to the end called “Payment Due” to indicate that the client is happy the tasks are complete and these tasks are ready for payment. I still need my recurring tasks to recur based on when the work is complete, not on when they are moved to the last Payment Due column.
Is there a way to get round this?
Or an alternative solution to visually indicate which tasks are ready to be paid/have been paid??

Sounds interresting.

How about moving the Payment Due column before the last column? I don’t see any other way.

That would work. I’d thought of this but it breaks the left to right flow of the board.

One other way would be to get rid of the last column in the clients project and have another project board called “Completed Tasks due for payment”.
And Set an automatic action on the last column (work complete) of the main tasks project to move the task to the “for payment” project where there are two columns, “not paid” and “paid”. Hopefully the recurring task recreation kicks in before the auto action moves the task…

combine this with the “bigboard” plugin to view both boards on a single page.
that’s probably the best thing you can get at the moment