Remove internal links


How to automatically remove all internal links when creating board using board template with pre-populated tasks?


Project Template

Automatically remove, how?

As in, don’t do it in the first place?
As in, it’s ok that it does it, but want a way to remove the links afterwards?
As in, I want to add an option during project creation to not include links?

Many other scenarios…



If it possible to do with all the tasks in cloned board - no need to option for that, but checkbox with this option will be great solution when i create new project. Or global setting for that. I think this feature nit needed by default at all.

My PM followed by link in task and fill some description to “template board” task :grin:



If you’re using Mysql, you could just do something like:
DELETE t1 FROM "task_has_links" t1 LEFT JOIN "tasks" t2 ON t1.task_id = WHERE project_id = cloned_project_#

just put the project number in place of cloned_project_#

If you’re using Sqlite, you’d have to use a subquery, but same idea.

If you want to create a checkbox with the option to not include links, global settings, or really any other option, you’re looking at development.

Another simple solution would be create an automatic action, based on any event, or cronjob, and do the above suggestion. You could figure it all out here, really:

And then, just apply that automatic action to the cloned project, and remove the action after it runs, or have it only run x amount of seconds after creation, never to run again, so that it doesn’t re-run after you start adding legit links that you don’t want removed…see, development, and that’s the easy one.