Sub-Tasks --> Convert to task function

When I create my sub-task to a task using the Convert to task function it is not keeping the color code therefore i need to edit the new task and match the color manually. Is there a way to make this automatic. I have projects that has multiple sub-tasks where i need to work on them individually this would make ti easier to manage and work on sub tasks.

Just checked and indeed it doesn’t keep color which seems like bug to me…
As possible work around:
I use most cards with category which colours are automated :
Configure this project => Automatic actions => Add new Action => Assign automatically a color based on a category

Convert to task function copies parent’s task category so it also keep same colour.
Perhaps there is another way using Automatic actions if category solution doesn’t work for your use

OK had a look in code and its here… if you add line with color it will work fine without using category…
I’m not sure why it wasnt there…tbh
Anyway this perhaps should go to plugin or feature request… but its only one line of code :smiley:


public function convertToTask($project_id, $subtask_id)
‘priority’ => $parent_task[‘priority’],
‘column_id’ => $parent_task[‘column_id’],
‘category_id’ => $parent_task[‘category_id’],
’color_id’ => $parent_task[‘color_id’]

ps. …hopefully it wont break anything else… :stuck_out_tongue:
perhaps someone more experienced should verify this…

Thank you very much for the help.

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