Synology / Docker Installation Config - Plugins Enable

Hello everyone. As a total noob, I was able to start-up and make the Kanboard running on the Synology in something like 15 minutes and it looks like I’m starting to like it more and more. The only issue for me now is the call for switching to some darker face, what I guess is the matter of additional plugin as there is no settings functionality built-in. And now I hit the wall - “Your Kanboard instance is not configured to install plugins from the user interface”
Is there some “step-by-step tutorial” or place to look in for users like me to enable this functionality or ad a particular plugin directly? I’m not able to understand that minimal stuff concerning this issue which I was able to find at all. Thanks for each little kick…

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in your config.php add this line:
define('PLUGIN_INSTALLER', true);

and after, make sure you restart the docker container, because i know the docker container will be caching php, so a restart is imperative.

this will require you to get to the console of your container, then cd var/www/app followed by vi config.php. Hopefully you know how to use vi editor, but basically, once it opens press i before typing, and once done hit esc and type :wq and press enter.

or, you need another container, like Docker Hub
and you need the srv volume to be the same data volume as kanboards container. If you can figure that out, then just add a config.php into the data folder, and edit from filebrowser.

If you can’t figure that out…well, I could spend hours teaching you to docker, and i dont have that time.

There are alternative ways to install plugins, but this will be your easiest way.

Alt Method 1: Download a plugins zip file found in its release page, and unpack into your plugins folder. This method will require your understanding of naming folders, and your knowledge to remote into your server and actually download a zip file. The docker container does not come with that basic software, so you will need to apk update, apk add zip, apk add wget, then use wget and zip to download and extract.

Alt Method 2: git clone a repo from your plugin folder. again, apk update, apk add git then git clone as an example.

Not sure about synology, or what software you are using to manage your containers, but I recommend something like portainer.

it will make your life easy.

You made my life easier, thanks a lot for your kind guidance. I was able to make it running, set-up plugin directory and point it to the plugins to install directly from KB settings.

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