Tasks Moving Columns When Exceeding Due Date


Is there a way to set an automatic action to have a task move to a specific column once the due date has exceeded?

For example having a task in an “in progress” column, then the due date exceeds so the task moves to a “needs attention” column?

Thanks for any input




You could get clues by looking at other actions on how to achieve that.

For example, here is an action that changes the tasks color when the due date is reached, you would just need to modify it to move the task instead.

and this one would show you how to actually move the task:

followed by the docs that would show you how to turn your new action into a plugin:

I think that should give you every bit of assistance you need to do this yourself. If you need a plumber though, I’m happy to help.


I’ve made a plugin based on other plugins with more parameters. I use this plugin to automate my workflow. I tried to documentate on project’s readme all custom actions and their parameters.
You can try it on your kanboard instance: https://gitlab.com/rafaelcamargo/kanboard-plugin-auto-flow

Instructions on how to install and use are on README.md.

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