Triggering another task when one is completed?

Hello! I’m very new to Kanban and completely new to Kanboard. Please forgive me if this is not a proper question for the forum.

When someone finishes a task, is there a way to automatically trigger the next task that has to be done in the work flow?

I am trying to implement Kanboard for a large team of volunteer video/photo producers. For example, lets say there is a card for the person writing a script. There is another card for approving the script. Does the approving the script card just sit in the to do column while the writer is writing? When the writer is done, are they responsible for moving the “approve script” into the working on column? Or is there a way to do that automatically?

I’m trying to teach myself the system, but most all of the resources are geared towards software development, and they seem to have a culture all their own. Maybe kanban isn’t even the right solution for the management problem I’m trying to solve.