Active fork of GitlabWebhook?

Hi. My workplace would like to use the plugin GitlabWebhook (GitHub - kanboard/plugin-gitlab-webhook: [NOT MAINTAINED] Gitlab Webhook Plugin for Kanboard), but noticed it has been archived for a while, furthermore, i’ve tried to fork and work on it so it can be used again (Lucas Cavalheiro / plugin-gitlab-webhook · GitLab), but after updating some deprecated code and fixing some stack traces that showed up the plugin won’t actually execute any actions.

I’d like to know if there’s an active fork of this plugin, or if anyone has any insight or experience on how these event dispatchers that the plugin uses work, my experience with PHP is pretty limited so i’m pretty stumped here not gonna lie.

Or if there’s a more up-to-date solution for integrating Kanboard and Gitlab maybe, that would also help.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Nevermind, managed to get it working mostly, i guess this is a plugin revival thread now, here’s the repo: