The Future of Kanboard

Title: The Future of Kanboard

Content: Hello, I am the person who wrote about this on GitHub.

Due to the discontinuation of Trello, we have adopted Kanboard as our internal management tool. To avoid the common situation where suggestions are made but not shared, we plan to release our modified version of Kanboard in a new repository. This is scheduled for November. We have already made extensive customizations and believe it is sufficiently usable in its current state.

As a development company, this decision might raise ethical concerns, but it is disheartening to see plugins that have been abandoned for nearly a decade or are functionally inadequate still in use. We feel that the original creators are gradually being forgotten, which is not respectful to them. Therefore, we seek the opinions of fellow developers on this matter.

If the feedback is negative, we will use this project exclusively for our internal purposes. This decision stems from our deep respect for those who have led this significant project so far.

Currently, no one is actively stepping up to improve Kanboard. We aim to remove the plugin concept entirely and create a standalone version of Kanboard.

We hope you understand that this is an unavoidable choice.

The attached images are not design concepts but the actual environment we are using. Instead of just using APIs in a wrapper format, we have modified all the actual components of Kanboard.

I moved your GitHub Issue to a GitHub Discussion and replied in this comment: The Direction of Kanboard Is Mistaken · kanboard · Discussion #5472 · GitHub

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If anyone is gonna cross post everywhere, it should be in thanks to fred.

Thank you fred, you gave me a great hobby for nearly a decade. I wish i still had the time to enjoy it like i used to, but im getting old and tired.

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