Usability of Kanboard UI

Hello to Kanboard Community!

I started to use Kanboard few months ago. Kanboard as project management software have a lot of useful features. However (of course IMHO) usability of the user interface is not as good as functionality.

It is interesting to discuss if anybody already have experience of redesign of the standard Kanboard theme.

Let me share a little bit my experience. I’m trying to improve (again only im my opinion) interface by customization of standard Kanboard theme.


Inayu, have you checked Plugin Directory. There are theme plugins and new ones are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! That’s super slick. Do you have a working plugin for that frontend?

At this moment, no.
However I’ll try to create plugin with this theme.

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Great work, this looks amazing :smiley:

Great job!
I also started to develop to redesign of kanboard and can try to answer to you if I will can.

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Hi all,
it looks really amazing!
Any news on this?

I looks great!
Any news Inayu?

Very modern. Is this functional?

Nice modern look and feel

Can it be compatible with Customizer ?

Do you plan to release it soon ?
I’m very excited about this theme !

Bump please ! :grin:

ahhhh coool ! interesting display

Nice job !
Totally share your opinion, great functionalities on Kanboard, but very old school design unfortunately.
Any news on publishing your plugin so the Kanboard community can benefits from your work?

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Just saw this and this looks like a nice frontend. Are you still interested to release this as a theme plug-in?

As @inayu participated in these forums for less than a month, nearly two years ago, and they haven’t logged in here in over a year now, I have doubts that we will see a public release from them; that’s quite unfortunate, because these visuals looked promising. Maybe those screenshots will inspire someone reading this to publicly develop a theme out of it.


Thanks to everybody for the interest to my work!
It looks strange, but after short participation at this forum i spent two years on my project.
I have focused not only on modern design, but also on modern user experience.
My target was to make app as interactive as it possible.
Below an example of how it works(sorry for quality, gif was compressed for forum).

Joon (1) (1)

I’m looking for the feedback. It is interesting is my project still interesting.

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For two years this post has just seen teasing screenshots, no links to the source code or any real practical information.

This is the exact reason why Kanboard suffers, developers are ON or OFF… never consistent.


Looks great!

But what do you expect? Help? In that case you should put it on Github or release something that can be testet. A smal gif can only raise expectations…

Keep up the work, stay connected. Looking forward to check that out.

Cheers, Fx


Agree with FxFx, hard to help and give you feedback with no access to code and / or testable app…
But your gifs look encouraging…
Stay tuned!


Thanks for attention.

Last two days i spent for preparing of live demo of the project.
I have encountered a lot of unexpected bugs :sweat_smile: Part of them i fixed, but app still has some bugs. Hope it will be not too critical.
I already use my app at my work to manage small team (8 persons) and even there i didn’t faced with some of bugs.

Key features of the app:

  • projects with board and list view (‘drag and drop’ available for both);
  • personal tasks (list view with personal statuses);
  • tasks and subtasks;
  • search over the tasks;
  • notifications (all notifications grouping by tasks, not infinite list of notifications).

Link to the project for testing:

Joon Live Demo

Login: Admin
Password: 123456

Additional logins:

Password for both 123456

As far es i can judge this: this is not Kanboard with a fancy theme.

This a React based Kanban app. Selfmade.

Or i’am wrong?

But it looks very nice :grin: