Usability of Kanboard UI

Hello to Kanboard Community!

I started to use Kanboard few months ago. Kanboard as project management software have a lot of useful features. However (of course IMHO) usability of the user interface is not as good as functionality.

It is interesting to discuss if anybody already have experience of redesign of the standard Kanboard theme.

Let me share a little bit my experience. I’m trying to improve (again only im my opinion) interface by customization of standard Kanboard theme.


Inayu, have you checked Plugin Directory. There are theme plugins and new ones are always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! That’s super slick. Do you have a working plugin for that frontend?

At this moment, no.
However I’ll try to create plugin with this theme.

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Great work, this looks amazing :smiley:

Great job!
I also started to develop to redesign of kanboard and can try to answer to you if I will can.

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Hi all,
it looks really amazing!
Any news on this?

I looks great!
Any news Inayu?

Very modern. Is this functional?

Nice modern look and feel

Can it be compatible with Customizer ?

Do you plan to release it soon ?
I’m very excited about this theme !

Bump please ! :grin:

ahhhh coool ! interesting display