What a about website and theme refresh and improve?


I would like to find out what you think about an update and refresh of the Kanboard website.

I’ve been looking for a self-hosting tool like Kanboard for a long time and didn’t consider it at first.

Because both the website and the interface just seem old-fashioned and outdated.

But that in no way does justice to the tool. Kanboard is excellent. But you notice it first on a third look.

Let’s change that. I would be happy to support this together with you!

A fresh, up-to-date website and a modern theme would be a good start.

What do you think?

Happy new year to all of you!

Cheers, Fx

good luck

The docs got changed a month ago and are almost unreadable now. The core developer seems unapproachable for such changes and no future announcements are made.

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I dont like the new docs either.

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Just adding a third voice: I don’t like the new documentation at all. I just tried to use it, and something I know used to be there is no longer there?

I’m new to this forum, but I have been using Kanboard for several years, since v1.2.8 at least. I just discovered @aljawaid’s plugins–thank you for those!

Anyway, I’d be very sad if this project died or became calcified in its current state just because the core developers are not open to new ideas or are out of sync with community wishes. Happy to throw in some help if I can.

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the project will not die… its just bad wording in the readme and most other non-serious developers copied it. Only a few days ago, Kanboard released a new version. Thanks for the recognition of my plugins, it means alot.

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I have replied in that “github discussion” thread you have linked there, but to summarize: I suspect you have your operating system / browser’s dark theme turned on. Simply disable this on your computer/browser if you don’t want modern websites to reflect your dark color scheme preference.

Automatic dark mode switching is a very desired feature for me (and I would want that for kanboard itself, too). I can’t use a kanban board or read documentation at night if it’s black-on-white instead of white-on-black, it burns my eyes.

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