New/fixed Essential theme

I have created a new version of the Essential theme plugin. It includes fixes for all known issues, including the latest Kanboard theme setting options beyond version 1.2.28.

My fork: GitHub - alfredbuehler/Essential: Modern theme for kanboard
Original: GitHub - kenlog/Essential: Modern theme for kanboard

PS: It’s sad to see that my older PRs from almost one year back are ignored by the author or maintainer. The project isn’t flagged an unmaintained, but in fact it is! :frowning_face:

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why dont you just rename it to Essential II or something else and publish as your own?

That way, people have both options. We don’t truly know who uses Kanboard for what and for how long since what version so I guess flexibility would be better.

To be honest, if the maintainer hasnt updated in that long and you have a new offering, maybe move the original to a manual plugin and publish yours as the improved version.

Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

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It’s really somewhat ridiculous. From the README:

But nevertheless, he ignores PRs for well-known issues for about a year!

However, I’ve migrated my fork to Codeberg, renamed it to EssentialTheme.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention this. :grin:

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Mission completed!

You are welcome to use my own EssentialTheme plugin. Download the latest version 1.1.4, including all well-known fixes.

There are no plans to submit additional patches to the original Essential plugin from my side.

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is this in the Plugins Directory aswell?

No, this is not planned. It’s just made for simplifying my maintenance for upcoming issues. Installation can be done with the well-known PluginManager. :wink:

that’s fine but not everybody will come to the forum to look for it or see it as an option.

I would strongly suggest you list it as a manual plugin at least.

My biggest problem when I started Kanboard was find plugins or information which was up to date. The forum was useless as it was not active much. Still isn’t that much to be fair.

What exactly are manual plugins?

EDIT: OK, I see it’s documented in README of PluginManager. I’ll think about it.

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The request was submitted:

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