How can we improve KANBOARD Plugins information?

We discussed at some places here on discourse which plugins are more useful and which ones less, how to improve information about the plugins, answered questions concerning recommended plugins, and similar.

Info at the plugins download page is very “basic”, sometimes misleading, and also often outdated. Hipchat has become discontinued some years ago … And also on the github pages there mostly is no useful information except installation manual.
How can we improve information concerning Kanboard Plugins?

  • Improve information on the Download page
    • But currently it seems to bi impossible to add issues to GitHub Website repo? So it might be impossible to do so,
  • Or should we use any other existing KANBOARD infrastructure?
    • alfredb suggested discourse. Advantage: Does exist, no additional user account required. But does there exist some collaboration tool like a Wiki so that multiple users can work on a common text?
  • Any other suggestions?

Well, it could be easy, but isn’t.
To be honest, I doubt whether it’s worth the effort. Please keep in mind, that many of the plugins are death, orphaned, completely unsupported. Of course, you or we could create a wiki or somewhere, devoted to that topic. Here I’ve to confess, that I made some terrible experiences with wikis and forums in the past. The amount of time for administration and moderation cannot be negated. Someone must be responsible for that publication, and keep it clean. Without that, it would be flooded with garbage eventually. Personally, I’m not very interested and don’t want to spend my time for such tasks.

Back to this forum: Why not creating a dedicated thread for each interesting plugin of interest? Every user could amend his experience or thoughts relating to that particular plugin. The OP of the thread could summarize the user amendments by editing the initial post. Just an idea, not so brilliant.

PS: I’ll be off for app two weeks. Thus, the follow-up might be postponed.

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