Issues with Plugins

This one is more or less a folow up to #2325 “How can we improve KANBOARD Plugins information?”

It would be great if you would tell oyur problems with particular Plugins here so that we can tryto find a solution (ask creator …) or at least warn other users that they might face off complications if they install those Plugins.

Plugin Subtask Description :white_check_mark:

:disappointed_relieved: Does not work at all for me, see issue here!

Hey Rainer, it works here out of the box.

Something similar to my Wiki Edits Problem?

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Yes, I’m afraid. You didn’t change your hosting, right?


I now ordered transfer for this night. “Augen Zu und Durch”!


Stay tuned and keep us/me informed.

PS: Don’t forget to do a backup (sqldump) of all your instances. Might be an overkill, but who knows. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yup, you never know. I did the backup immediately after I asked for migration to new server.

I’m excited – or a little nervous?


Cool down. I do not expect any trouble. I had several MySQL upgrades in the past.


I witched to the new server and additionally updated from KANBOARD 1.2.22 to 1.2.24
Most things I tested stell work as I have been used to see it.

:disappointed_relieved: Some smaller damages?

  1. User Language selection is no longer respected – keeps always Entlish

:+1: Some progress

  • Subtask Description: That one now works for me

:grey_question: but still no progress with

  • Wiki-Edits, still not listed :white_check_mark:
    Also now attachments wor in Wiki :white_check_mark:

I think this will require some manual work. I’ll have a look.

EDIT: Remember, you don’t have any edits to list. Did you try a new edit?

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I observe a bigger problem for me: Language selection no longer works for me. I can choose Lan

Yes, I did.

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@alfredb hat mir in einem lang andauernden Rettungseinsatz die DB im Bereich “Wiki” wiederhergestellt – vielen Dank!
Funktioniert nun besser den je!


Ever heard the phrase, “Know enough to be dangerous”?

I know my code well enough to know someone took it, edited it not understanding it, and thought they could make something from it by changing a few things. Maybe they succeeded.

The source code:

Plugin.php is a dead giveaway, only I would ever name a variable “$wasmaster”!

To me, the concept of third-parties-based plug-ins (vs “modules” maintained in-tree in lockstep) is fundamentally flawed. They don’t always feel well-integrated, they overlap in featureset and have incompatibilities, they go unmaintained, etc.

I understand any app’s “core” maintainers wanting to externalize this code management cost and make it “somebody else’s problem”, but it’s a nightmare for users, as I’ve seen elsewhere (such as Firefox, WordPress, etc.). It boils down to


Speaking of this particular plugin again

Somehow it works just fine on an instance using SQLite, but doesn’t work at all with one using MYSQL. Doesn’t even show on plugins page. Everything is the same but the database. Any idea ?


Yes. OK, some expertise required. A brief look into the debug log reveals:

2023-03-08 09:24:24] [critical] Subtaskdescription: 
Unable to migrate schema for the plugin: Subtaskdescription => SQLSTATE[42000]:
Syntax error or access violation: 1101 BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'due_description' can't have a default value

This is why the plugin doesn’t install. Obviously, the MySQL schema is faulty.
Edit the file Schema/Mysql.php and remove the part responsible for the problem.

$pdo->exec("ALTER TABLE `subtasks` ADD COLUMN `due_description` TEXT NOT NULL ");

Thereafter, the plugin also works with MySQL.


Well, dumb me I guess !

I did notice that the MySQL schema was faulty, so I did create the column into the subtasks table with Phpmyadmin, but didn’t edit the mysql.php file.

Thank you for the prompt reply !

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