Issues with Plugins

This one is more or less a folow up to #2325 “How can we improve KANBOARD Plugins information?”

It would be great if you would tell oyur problems with particular Plugins here so that we can tryto find a solution (ask creator …) or at least warn other users that they might face off complications if they install those Plugins.

Plugin Subtask Description :white_check_mark:

:disappointed_relieved: Does not work at all for me, see issue here!

Hey Rainer, it works here out of the box.

Something similar to my Wiki Edits Problem?

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Yes, I’m afraid. You didn’t change your hosting, right?


I now ordered transfer for this night. “Augen Zu und Durch”!


Stay tuned and keep us/me informed.

PS: Don’t forget to do a backup (sqldump) of all your instances. Might be an overkill, but who knows. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yup, you never know. I did the backup immediately after I asked for migration to new server.

I’m excited – or a little nervous?


Cool down. I do not expect any trouble. I had several MySQL upgrades in the past.


I witched to the new server and additionally updated from KANBOARD 1.2.22 to 1.2.24
Most things I tested stell work as I have been used to see it.

:disappointed_relieved: Some smaller damages?

  1. User Language selection is no longer respected – keeps always Entlish

:+1: Some progress

  • Subtask Description: That one now works for me

:grey_question: but still no progress with

  • Wiki-Edits, still not listed :white_check_mark:
    Also now attachments wor in Wiki :white_check_mark:

I think this will require some manual work. I’ll have a look.

EDIT: Remember, you don’t have any edits to list. Did you try a new edit?

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I observe a bigger problem for me: Language selection no longer works for me. I can choose Lan

Yes, I did.

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@alfredb hat mir in einem lang andauernden Rettungseinsatz die DB im Bereich “Wiki” wiederhergestellt – vielen Dank!
Funktioniert nun besser den je!


Ever heard the phrase, “Know enough to be dangerous”?

I know my code well enough to know someone took it, edited it not understanding it, and thought they could make something from it by changing a few things. Maybe they succeeded.

The source code:

Plugin.php is a dead giveaway, only I would ever name a variable “$wasmaster”!

To me, the concept of third-parties-based plug-ins (vs “modules” maintained in-tree in lockstep) is fundamentally flawed. They don’t always feel well-integrated, they overlap in featureset and have incompatibilities, they go unmaintained, etc.

I understand any app’s “core” maintainers wanting to externalize this code management cost and make it “somebody else’s problem”, but it’s a nightmare for users, as I’ve seen elsewhere (such as Firefox, WordPress, etc.). It boils down to