Wiki Plugin for Kanboard: Attachment handling


I have a problem with access to attachments for Wiki pages:

  1. Open Wiki in KANBOARD Environment
    » Wiki overview appears
  2. Open arbitrary Wiki page from Table
    » Test page with Content, Creator information and so on appears
  3. Click on “Attach Document” below wiki page contents
    Dokument anhängen
    » Attach document pate appears
  4. Drag & Drop an image.jpg from HDD files explorer to wiki attachment target area
    » File name appears in target area with additional waste basket and progress bar
  5. Click “Upload”
    » Progress bar runs 0%… 100%, “Success” message appears
  6. Click “Close window”
    » Dialog disappears

Where is the attachment, how can I access and use it? I can’t find …

Anybody here who can help me?



P.S.: My Configuration

I sibmitted an issue on github

The Wiki plugin stores the documents in the same manner as Kanboard itself does. All the Wiki attachments are stored under data/files/wikipages on the server.

The file details can be found in the DB, table wikipage_has_files.


I don’t have such a folder in my system:

This is because none of your wiki pages has any attachment. I just had a brief look into your board. It really doesn’t work on your system, don’t know why. BTW, I’m using SQLite.

I’d enable the Debug mode to track down the issue.

Also remove any other plugin for tests. Maybe one of your plugins breaks the wiki.

I added wiki plugin to a project without any other plugin; does not work either. No files folder, no way to access attachments via KANBOARD UI.

More tests tomorrow!

IMHO, you cannot configure like this. The installed wiki plugin is shared for all projects of your instance. Or did you mean, you created a test instance of Kanboard with only the wiki plugin?

My description was a little unclear. I tested a different project in a completely different KANBOARD installation:

im pretty sure lastlink hasnt touched that project for years. i think i have collab on that one, if something needs to be updated.

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