File shows as attachment. Not downloadable [PHP]

Files are being added to Kanboard, database can see it assigns a new filename in the data folder. Folder is empty. If the file is an image, you can see a thumb of the image in the task, but no file is copied. This script running same permissions as Kanboard.

function importAttachment($file, $taskId)
    if (!file_exists($tmp_ext_dir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$file['filePath'])) {
      throw new \Exception(t('File not found: %s', $tmp_ext_dir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$file['filePath']));
    $file_model = $this->taskFileModel;
    $file_data = array(
                  'name' => $file['fileName'],
                  'tmp_name' => $tmp_ext_dir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$file['filePath'],
                  'size' => $file['fileSize'],
                  'error' => UPLOAD_ERR_OK
    $file_id = $file_model->uploadFile($taskId, $file_data);

Hi, sorry, have to bump this, but anyone have any clues as to why it’s not copying the file?