Lost attachments 1.2.10 Upgrade from 1.2.0

Performed upgrade following the instructions with success except for attachments which are unable to be viewed or downloaded.

New attachments can be uploaded and viewed with success.

Don’t see any other bug reports or topics here – what did I not consider?

Thank you.

My guess is, you didnt backup the data folder. Just a guess. The database holds links to the files in data folder, so if your dB is telling you they are there, but clicking on them show nothing…well, then they arent there.

  1. Moved the 1.2.10 folder to “kanboard-old”
  2. Dropped new files into “Kanboard” folder
  3. Coped data folder from “kanboard-old” to “kanboard”… The files are there - can see the “hashed” file names.

Using Sqlite or mysql?

This could also have to do with permissions. Check the permissions on the old files versus the new files.

Using mysql… Permissions are identical at 755…

0644 for files, 755 for folders

K, I’m running out of ideas. Check the errors logs, for any php errors. Check the DB, phpmyadmin type thing, and confirm the files in the files table match the files path in the data folder. Double check that the new uploads are infact going to the same data folder location. And, honestly, probably try this first, clear all the cache out of you browser.

Having the same issue.
Upgrading to 1.2.10 (from 1.2.7) leads to all attachments and pictures missing.
Also the profile pictures are gone. It has nothing to do with caching. I tried a different browser and different computer I had never opened Kanboard on before.

So you eliminated cache, now move on to confirm that the DB file paths match that of thier actual location.

Yeah… not a cache issue, no effect. Pathways and filename look good in the database tables, just not pulling them in – unlinked image shows. Seems like it may be centered around image files. Since dropping the data directory back on the new install, some of the image files will open, none of them have thumbnails that display. One won’t open (broken link type image displays) even though the file exists and is in the database correctly. Other files (uploaded into project or task) seem to be working as normal.

No a huge issue at this time … however this has happen before with an update – I just always attributed to my delay in adopting the latest update… but this is also why I delay…

Thanks for your help and suggestions!