WIKI Plugin 0.3.0 causes Error Message

I replaced my Wiki-Plugin 0.2.5 by 0.3.0., hoped that that would be the resolution for my problem #2327
But instead Result: Does no longer work again:

  • Wiki is no longer listed in Plugins list
  • Wiki no longer available in Tools Dropdwon
  • Using an old existing Wiki Page Bookmark I get error message “Internal Error: Identifier “wiki” is not defined.”

My PHP Error log does not show a new entry for this problem.

Any Ideas?

I will do a test with a different KANBOARD Installation without any other Plugins, soon.



My Configuration

Wiki Plugin 0.3.0 does work in my test project

If you want to do your own investigations there please invite yourself and tell my about your self invitation here.

The initialization failed.

Due to the failed initialization.

How about the debug.log?