Access denied by pushing a task to another column

Kanboard is running on a apache2, with php 7.3.3, maria-db 5.5.68 (mysql 15.1).

If I push a task per drag and drop on the pinboard, the alert dialog says: Access denied. I can move the task in list view without problems.

Have sombody any idea? I don’t find something!

do you have any plugins installed?
you can enable kanboard debug mode and maybe get some information on what’s going wrong.

Thanks Chaosmeister,
I find out, that the plugin Backlog makes this problem. After removing the plugin, it works still normal now.

But I don’t see in the debug.log, what the problem is.

My sugesstion is, that it must be the java.component. Ok, I tell it in gitlab.

Ahhh should habe read this Post before… I do support the observation. Does anybody keep a list, which Plugins are working with 1.2.22? :innocent::joy::wink:

Great idea! Having such a list would be really helpful.

I also already thought about such a KANBOARD Plugins Survey List. Very best solution would be to add such info to the KANBOARD Plugins Page, but I doubt that that can be done with acceptable efforts.

My Idea: a (KANBOARD?) Wiki page hosted by one of us. What do you think?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. You’d have to take many things into account, like

  • Used Kanboard version
  • Used plugin version
  • Any side effects between plugins. E.g. plugin x works, but only as long as plugin y is not installed.
  • To be continued…

Personally, I’d prefer having such a list here in the forum, where the users meet. I don’t want another account.

BTW, if this discussion goes on, we should consider opening a topic.

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