Help - Possible Permission Issue - Adding Task / Removing or Modifying Column --- SOLVED


I’m having an issue. I seem to have installed Kanboard correctly and it seems to be up and running. I can add plugins via the plugin menu. I can create new projects. I’ve added SMTP support and it’s working. However, I can’t seem to add a TASK or EDIT/REMOVE columns.

If I click on the + and check with Chrome’s Developer Tools/Console. It seems to be a 403 error, more specifically:

VM144:1 GET 403 (Forbidden)
(anonymous) @ VM144:1
execute @ app.min.js?1566681433:38
KB.http.get @ app.min.js?1566681433:38
open @ app.min.js?1566681433:54
(anonymous) @ app.min.js?1566681433:152
onClick @ app.min.js?1566681433:19

Same thing happens if I try to edit/delete a column:

VM116:1 GET 403 (Forbidden)

Any thoughts? I thought it may be a permission issue. I’m not sure.

Thanks in advance…


Anyone have any idea of what I can do to fix this?

403 forbidden, pretty much sums it up. I’d start by looking at your server configuration.

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UPDATE ---- It was an issue with mod_security

I disabled it.