Broken view of add task

Hi everyone, sometimes (I haven’t yet found a way to perfectly replicate) I obtain this broken view of the add task screen.

I’m not expert in backend stuff, btw I checked the apache log and the kanboard’s debug.log and didn’t find differences, works good or not, same output, so I think the logs are not helping me.

How do you think I can investigate to find the cause?
Do you think I have other problems on my server unrelated to kanboard?

stuff like that usually relates to a plugin. if you know how to check your error logs, it will tell you. otherwise, just start disabling some plugins…

Plugins for kanboard? I have no one
By the way what kind of logs are you referring to? Not those I mentioned in my post?

Are you trying to create a task from the board View? I also get this error from time to time if I have a high number of tasks.i think this appears only if the render of the task is not completed in the board.

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Yes you’re probably right, I have a huge number of completed tasks that take a lot to be rendered

if you have no plugins, then that’s not your issue.

I am referring to your stderr stream.