New Plugin: KanboardSupport

Hello all,

It frustrates me that unlike other useful applications, Kanboard doesn’t give users the information they need in one place. This greatly helps with troubleshooting.

I will release the plugin to the directory once I have added two sections, at the moment it is basic but it works.

Will keep you informed of the progress.


Progress so far…

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Section complete finally…

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First version has been released and also submitted to the plugins directory

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Version 1.5 is now released

  • All sections are now added
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Works fine for me.

I wonder whether some of the information it gathers should be kept confidential, not be shared on public platforms.

I did some info hidden from normal users and just shown to admin.

All of it is useful. This is assuming Kanboard is selfhosted.

No passwords are shown

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Finally got some useful info with directory permissions

Will be available in v2.0 soon


Two remarks:

  • I’d suggest thinking about the naming. Your plugin gathers some support info, but it doesn’t offer support itself.
  • What I miss is a button to either copy the info to the clipboard or to upload to a pastebin site. Markdown formatted, of course. :wink: Just pasting screenshots is IMHO poor practice.

Hello, I kept the name because I thought users would naturally look for a HELP or SUPPORT section when they have an issue… also the plugin is fully translateable with that in mind so others can rename it in their own language or override the en_GB one that I created. I chose support as HELP, DOCS were already used and would have caused more confusion.

The button to copy the info to clipboard is being worked on, it came into my mind a few days ago.

  • I plan to create a button which hides/blurs all the sensitive IP/path data so users can screenshot and share
  • A GitHub issue-type config template will be available in the About section, which I will redesign.
  • The new about page will focus on kanboard info about kanboard, docs links, github links and some sort of config issue template
  • I will also add a link to a secure PrivateBin instance should anyone want to use it

Thanks for your input, you have motivated me more. I only created this plugin for myself to have all the info in one place as I am tired of the lack of development for such an amazing piece of software. Scared to spend time making pull requests in case they get rejected.

You say it is feature complete, the developer says in soooo many issues that ‘do it with a plugin’ yet so the core software is missing soooo many hooks and html/css classes that a plugin is sometimes very difficult to create without overriding the template files… and then conflicts with other plugins is a big putoff.

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You’re welcome. But TBH, I don’t need and use it. Just had a brief look at it, as I often do with new stuff.


When AgileIndicators German Localization will have been merged I can do de_DE localization for this plugin.

Perfect and thanks… kindly create a Pull Request (of your completed file) (across forks) from your fork to my repository… then I will be able to merge it.

  1. Got to my repository
  2. Create a Pull Request
  3. Select ‘Compare across forks’
  4. Correct the direction of the request and the branches… both should be master branch

Hello Everyone

I have just released v3.0 of this plugin and it comes with major features to show more information about the user’s environment.

Amongst many things, admins can now directly access and view the config.php files from within the interface. There is also a cleaner comprehensive webhooks section.

Kindly remember to star the repository on GitHub if you find the plugin useful.

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Hi everyone, the latest v4 is now released.


  • Download a backup copy ofthe config files
  • Enhanced privacy for regular users - paths, IP addresses and other sensitive data is masked for regular users.
  • Show php modules for certain plugins (e.g. Mailmagik)

If somebody could reply to this thread I can update this post next time (3 consecutive posts per user limit)

Kindly remember to star the repository on GitHub if you find the plugin useful or even consider a donation to maintain the plugin.

Done, with great pleasure.; 20 chars minimum. :wink:

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Hi everyone, the latest v4.5 is now released.


  • The main feature is the ability to view, download and delete the debug.log file directly from the interface.

Kindly remember to star the repository on GitHub if you find the plugin useful or even consider a donation to maintain the plugin.