Support options for Kanboard - evaluating for use in production



i would like to start by saying Kanboard looks like a very impressive piece of software - thanks to everyone contributing to it!

We as a small company are looking for a system to manage our projects and so far Kanboard looks very promising. Management is also pretty convinced but has an issue because it’s “free”. “What if we need help, are we stuck, is there paid support available?”

So my question: apart from asking in the forum or via Github issues - is there the possibility to pay for consulting, support, development of custom plugins?

I am sure, anything in this direction would help our decision to go with Kanboard.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



I am not aware of any paid support for kanboard, not to say that it doesn’t exist, i’m just not aware of it.

I’m pretty sure if you look for someone and offer them money, you will find someone.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

From the exchange here in the forum and development on github it looks like Kanboard is quite actively maintained so i figured something like that.

I hope management will go for Kanboard. If we are having issues in the future or plans for custom plugins i will post again here.