Maintenance mode for the project?

I saw the message on Github README and was just wondering and curious to understand the direction and the reason why the project is in maintenance mode and no others features will be develop ?

Many thanks


I too am curious. Could Fred perhaps shine a light on Kanboard’s future? It’s probably a pretty big project to keep up-to-date.

it would be very nice if @fred can answer here…

I’m guessing it’s because @fred considers it “feature-complete” and doesn’t have much time in his personal (and benevolent) life to be extending the featureset himself, so he’s probably focusing only on compatibility and security updates when required.

That said, something I’ve been wondering for a long time is if Fred would be willing to offer custom paid development/support services for companies that want to depend on kanboard and improve it through contract work? Would there be some interest in that, or there simply is no time and energy even in the scenario of freelance service contracts?

(Otherwise, maybe there are other experimented kanboard code contributors who would be interested in that too?)

I don’t have enough mission-criticality and budget to sponsor myself, but maybe there are companies out there who would, if this was advertised as a possibility…

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The other model we are going with is to offer Kanboard as a service, fully hosted, secured and supported. You can visit us at I have shared additional information in this topic as well.