KanBoard SaaS - Free instances for a little feedback

Hi there,
We are a bunch of KanBoard fans, and we decided to give it a chance by offering it in SaaS mode, all infrastructure leveraging multi-cloud providers. We launched a month ago and are giving instances for free, up to 10 GB storage. All we are asking for is some little feedback and how we could enhance functionality for the community. Just visit us at https://wipdash.com and get started now hassle free.

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I checked it out, I don’t think it’s for me at this point, but I like the direction you’re heading.

With @fred putting the project in maintenance mode, how does that affect your own plans and feature development?

Thanks @stoat for you early feedback. Yes, we are aware the project is in maintenance mode, but we love the product and how it was way better than competition a few years ago. So moving forward, our plan is to promote it as-is and provide guaranteed support in a relatively controled mode (SaaS), in partnership with AWS. We have chosen to limit the functionality as a first step, selecting only key plugins. But our intention is to contribute back to this community, to the best of our abilities. We do not intend to provide support for the many available OS platforms or PHP versions for now, we are still a small team.