Companies using Kanboard

Dear kanboard community,

I would like to know about which known companies are actually using Kanboard software in their work management.

I would like to show some customers about this tool, that I used having a satisfactory experience with my team. But for conventional customers I would need to show examples of use cases

Best regards

We use it here internally. I Wouldn’t sell Kanboard to end users though, it’s just not ready for this day and age. You’ll loose them in the looks department and Kanboard as far as I’ve used is not mobile friendly. Yes you can run it on mobile, but no it’s not a good experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kanboard and it does it’s job here, but maintenance, training, upkeep added together, won’t make sense in most cases. Less hassle paying a few dollars per user.

As for uses; we use it for:

  • Invoice requests from sales to accounts departments
  • Project tracking
  • Issue tracking like a ticketing system but we have a form that goes direct to Kanboard from users
  • Containers and stock incoming tracking (But this will be moved into our ERP shortly)
  • Marketing planning
  • Large client life-cycle tracking (Smaller clients not worth the time it takes, we just go through Google Sheets and the invoice system)
  • Maintenance and non-scheduled outgoings logging and approval.

We use it at Eskilstuna kommuns GIS department and a little at some other departments