What do we know about wipdash.com?

I tried to get contact - in vain.:

  • Chat always tells “There are no online operators at the moment, please leave a message”
  • Questions sent to offline-chat won’t get an answer.

Now I started a free trial account, although that does not feel good. It’s nowhere explained what “free trial” might mean. How long? …

I think it would be a good Idea to start something similar to https://tree.taiga.io/
But - is the project already dead?

The last blog article is from beginning of March 2022. For me, this is a sign that it’s somewhat alive.

EDIT: BTW, for me is self-hosting a must, and docker a “no go”.

I’ve to confess that taiga looks damn good.

I created a Trial account (what ever that might mean)to gamble around a little. May be wipdash can be an acceptable solution for people who do not have skills for self hosting or similar. We will see.

OK, I’ll stay tuned, awaiting your reports. :wink:

Hi Rainer,
Thanks for you feedback. The best way to contact us is trough the ticketing system, which you did. That is where we are currently the most active. So please go ahead and open tickets as you did to signal any issue that you can find out.
The free trial is forever, as long as you keep data below 10 GB, as mentioned at https://wipdash.com/pricing/

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For a while I saw Certificate Outdated Messages, now “Temporarily Closed for Maintenance” for Website and timeoutfor app.wipdash.com

Does not look good.

I think it’s a normal shutdown observation.