Easily self-hosting Kanboard

Hi all - I’m a cofounder of Clovyr, a team making open source apps accessible to more people — especially the less technically savvy — by reducing the friction and complexity of self-hosting, in a privacy-conscious way (which I am happy to describe in more detail if of interest).

Our browser-based app launcher, which deploys apps into a user’s existing cloud account in a few minutes, without them needing to ever touch a command line, will be publicly available soon. Kanboard is one of the first apps that we started testing with because it is relatively simple to set up and offers people a good lightweight alternative to other self-hosted project management tools.

I have a link to our current beta that I’d like to share with someone who would be able to give some feedback and hopefully also get us on the path to having a link to the Kanboard launcher somewhere in the Kanboard docs, where it might help convert prospective users who are otherwise likely to choose some SaaS service.

My hope for this post is to find the right contact (does someone handle DevRel?) - thanks so much and looking forward to getting to know the community better!

its open source, so technically anyone is capable of adding to the docs.

i would think, based on the default config, at some point, someone would need to touch a command line. command lines are fun, tbh.

Sure, anyone can add to the docs, but it would be cool to get some support and feedback around what we have before submitting a PR. Will post the public link when it’s out for some general feedback, thanks.

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id be happy to play around with it and give feedback. really like the design appearance, and the art you got going on.

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