Latest Kanboard client: WiserBoard

Hey folks, have a look at this just-released Kanboard client app that we have been using internally.
Simply install the app from the play store and log in using your Kanboard URL to access it from anywhere on your mobile device.
Feel free to drop a review!!


OMG OMG OMG thank you for this!

This WILL improve access to Kanboard soo rapidly! I hope your team or the developer doesn’t abandon it like previous developers have done with their clients.

I had a quick look, amazing interface and speed. A few improvements are needed but at least we can access our tasks without issues to keep an eye on progress.

Any plans for notifications? I seriously hope this does not become a paid-for app or start using ads… it will lose all its credibility ifso.

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you need to be clearer in the app and the terms page about the analytics or you will put people off.

There is no link to the respository if it is open source…
There is no developer email/contact details either

wiserboard (WiserBoard) · GitHub is all I could find, but no repository…


Thank you for your appreciation and happy to see that our app will be helpful in improving access to Kanboard.

We are working on further improvements and bringing additional features.

also making the app available to cross-platform devices, more info will be made available at

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you sound like a company waiting to finish the product, gain interest and then make money on it…

you need to publish the repository so people can see the OPEN SOURCE work… quickly (what are you hiding), or people will stop using it as you have trackers in the app and it will break the trust.

The app looks fantastic but I DO NOT recommend any usage in important Kanboard installations as there is no contact details or information about the team/company or code!

The rest is up to you.

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One month later, no source code and no further information

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I’ll also not use nor recommend this app, due to lacking transparency.

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cool, oh which app is that?

The screenshot was made with Blokada v5.

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A bit off topic, but I’ve always liked Kandroid. The forked version is relatively active (last commit in Oct 2022), source code is available (GitHub - patrickkostjens/Kandroid: Android App for, and you can install from F-droid as opposed to only Google Play. Similar functionality and performance.

I also would not use Wiserboard because of the lack of transparency and the telemetry being collected.

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the forked version of Kandroid was last released in 2019 with no new version after that… such a shame as I liked it too but it doesn’t work on my device anymore… keeps crashing.