Recommend Plugins


I’m building a kanboard for my company and I wanted to know what plugins you recommend.

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Rather than a recommendation, here is my list:

  • Calendar
  • Essential
  • Gantt
  • HighlightCodeSyntax
  • MarkdownPlus
  • StarredProjects
  • Task2pdf
  • Wiki
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My Plutins:

Nearby all plugins have completely insufficient description on Kanboard Plugins overview page and also on GithHub pages

:ok_hand: Work fine


Allows multiple assignees and so this plugin is very useful to configure a useful notification management in bigger projects


(Improved Markdown, with check boxes, emoji shortcode, inline html, etc…)

Paste image to markdown_ 1.0.3

(Allows to paste images directly into markdown enabled textfields (task descriptions, comments, etc) - requires markdownplus)
Makes attaching screenshots much more comfortable


(Plugin is used to invite new users to actual Project by typing user’s email. Input for invitation is located in Project)


(Creates a a printer friendly PDF from current Task, also allows to create a PDFof all open Tasks)


(“Wiki” for project documentation - common text area)

:grey_question: Questions open


(Embedded calendar into Kanboard)
Description is misleading. That’s not a real Calendar app, but only a tool to show Gantt Charts in Calendar view.

Self Registration Plugin Registration v1.0.8

( allows people to sign up to Kanboard)
Owner / Moderator does not get a notification that new user self registration needs confirmation)


Seems to work unreliably for me. Progress bar mostly not shown?

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Good to know people still use my plugins, and that they are found useful.

Personally believe one of the most useful ones for me was:

Specifically, the ability to email impending due dates for tasks.

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We use Kanboard for Softwaredevelopment & Bug- + Featuretracking

These are our installed plugins:

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