Lost or Not mentioned plugins

I have been looking for more and more Plugins that were poorly listed or even mentioned that belong to KB in my search I found 3 that I currently use, but what impressed me the most was this one:

But I’ve also been using:

If anyone knows any more plugins, they could mention it here

In a few days I will release the latest version of PluginManager. It will have a new feature called Manual Plugins, where dead/old plugins will show up that are already listed in the directory that may not be compatible with your Kanboard. However, instead of installing, it only allows you to download the plugin so you can go through it and see if it is worth manually installing. You might find something useful there too.


This will be amazing! And how will you do to capture the plugins that don’t even mention KB in your description?

There is no need to capture certain plugins… Basically, in the last 6 months, a few of the members on here How can we improve KANBOARD Plugins information? discussd in this threead pushed my frustration with plugins into creating the PluginManager.

The goal was to provide better accurate information about plugins and support non-technical users so they can use Kanboard to its full potential.

If any plugins are not listed but you have found them and they work/are usefull but not updated in a long time (over a year), then the idea is to slowly list them in the Manual Plugins page, but the plugins must serve a need. I have seen many plugins for Kanboard where the plugin is half complete and doesnt work at all.

All the three plugins you mentioned don’t even have any release yet. Maybe they are not or will never be finished. So, why take them to a list? Pointless, IMHO.

I noticed some plugins have no releases but they are good as a starting point to create the intended feature.

For example, I recently got the dead plugin Budget to the list. It is the only plugin that uses the core currency features. I use currency conversion daily in my work so I intend to extend the plugin into a new budget manager or currency manager and see where it goes.

Exactly, Of the three I showed, the first is finished, the other two with few adjustments are completely usable in my context

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Difficult. Some Plugins (let say iCalConfig) are not released or in the repo but very, very worth to be known… same with SubtasksOnBoard. Both great for my needs. Not easy available (SubtasksOnBoard until take over this month).

I would not like to miss them…

Cheers, Fx

This is not the plain truth. In fact, it is released, meanwhile at v0.3.0. But for $reason, it is not – or not yet – in the official plugin directory.

This is what i meant with “not released”. If one does not know that such a plugin exists, no chance to use it.

If you search or ask for it, you’ll find it. Nobody should and can be forced to add his work to the official plugin directory.

I’am aware of your view on this one and i completely agree.

I find it just more easy for new users to find what they need in a repository (list of available plugins in Kanboard). To imagine that are a few more out there, which are not listed in the official repo… hm.

I’am absolute fine with that. I just find that it is a pity. But as stated before: i know that releaseing a plugin to the repo causes efforts that not everyone is able or willing to provide. Which i think is absolute ok and should be respected. No complains here.

Cheers, Fx

I agree here. But plugins can only be installed by admins, not by 0815 users. So some knowledge should be present. Unfortunately, Kanboard doesn’t offer a method to simply upload and install a zip/plugin from a file. Maybe a topic for @aljawaid/PluginManager? :wink:

oh gosh no no no! im done with pluginmanager… i cant believe it got to what it is but I am upset with it lol… I must have tried around 20 times to pull up a list of availale updates but it aint working no matter what i do. So uploading and extracting a plugin-file would be totally out of my pea brain scope hahaha

agree with both of you, that’s why I created the Manual Plugin section… if it is listed there,the best you get is a link to download. After that it is up to you. Surprisingly, over 10 plugins already showed up.

I dont think it is about forcing people to upload their plugins, but if it is on github and public open source, then i dont see why it cannot be listed - at least as a manual plugin so users are aware of it.

Oh come on. I had some more ideas or wishes for PluginManager.


haha list them on the pluginmanager thread or the repo… maybe we can look into it, but I do think you are misunderstanding my skills… just ask @creecros how many times I pester him for help hahaha

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