Broadcast plugin not listed in Plugin Directory

Broadcast plugin is listed on plugins.htm, but does not appear in KANOBARD installation Plugin Directory

Any Ideas? I don’t know how that Plugins Directory is created by KANBOARD

I have not yet checked whether also other plugins are affected.



Kanboard >= 1.2.3

It is marked as no longer maintained. If you dare, you can download it from GitHub.

Of course, I know!
It works fine, so IMHO it should be listed. If somebody does not know, that such a plugin does not exist, he will not search …
Any tried-and-true way to keep alive such plugins?

I did a fork here! Mainly to try how that works.
de_DE and es_ES work fine in
(I now finally replaced “Convocatoria” by “Avisio” in es_ES)
May be you can do a review before I create a Release? I only added 2 Locale and modified Version Number in Plugin.php



I just took a look into, but I cannot see any diffs. Create it in a branch, that you later use for a PR.

EDIT: You should also care about entering it to the list, separately.

Differences: less than 1 year ago!

Compared to archive

When I will do a fork again, I’ll be more formal about it: Fork - Branch - review - PR, …

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I created a Version 1.0.2 of Broadcast Plugin

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I have no idea how to add the fork in the list of plugins.

Who can help?

BTW, there seem to be serious differences between Plugin List in KANBOARD installation an List on Website I started to compare both lists and will show suggestions for unification after weekend.

It’s all described in the website’s README:
GitHub - kanboard/website: Kanboard's website.

I recommend not to care about other people’s stuff, leave it as it is, or try to contact the responsible developer.