Rss feed for plugins

Hi !

Is there an RSS feed to follow new entries for the plugin page?

Not sure about an rss feed, but there is a json.

Thanks Creecros.

How can i use this format? I’m not familar with it for this purpose.

Well, what exactly is the purpose? Within kanboard, there is a function for its usage, built in.

Valentinos UpdateNotifier plugin offers an example of its usage.

Thanks !

I already use UpdateNotifier.

What i want to do is simply use a RSS feed application like Feedly to see when a new Plugin is published for Kanboard.

For Now, new entries are not hylighted and it is anoying to read all the page of KB Plugins to see if a new one was added recently.

I know there is a fonction inside KB to see latest plugins but it seem to not work perfectly. Many times i missed new useful plugins because they weren’ documented in this view.

I thought I added such a feature in UpdateNotifier? Actually, im pretty sure I did. Is it not working?

Do you speak about Latest plugin ?

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I experienced that some new plugins that are available in the official page of KB are not shown in the Latest Plugins page in KB.

yes, that’s what i am referring too.

It starts from the point of install of the plugin. so the moment you install the plugin for the first time, every known published plugin on kanboards website because “equal” in relative time. meaning, nothing is technically “new”. it then takes that list and applies a timestamp to every plugin. as new plugins are released, they will begin to filter to the top of that list. It’s not going to miss anything, its not possible.

That said, I have the limit set to 10, it will only show the 10 latest plugins.

If someone wanted to take the time, and supply me with a spreadsheet of release dates for each plugin, I could apply that instead of a flat timestamp, so that right off the bat, the latest plugins would at the top. but that data doesn’t exist in the JSON, so it could only be based off, here at this point of time for reference, the time the plugin was installed and began running.

Ok, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: