New Plugin: PluginManager

Hello all, finally this plugin has been released to revamp the plugins interface and provide you with more options and information about installed and available plugins.

The plugin should show up in the official plugins directory soon.


Great work!
I’m currently doing some tests in my test profile before I will use it in my normal KANBOARDS.

Currently no problems at all


In My PluginManager test project 1 week ago 8or so) I observed that I suddenly had installed more than 100 plugins. I can’t tell how that had happened. User error or PluginManager related?

User error. I’m using it daily and no issues. The manager does not install anything on its own.

Are you sure they are installed? Because around 109 will show available.

Yes, they were listed in “InstalledPlugins” and tons of plugin folders and plugin files in the Plugins Folder of my Test installation. II am not sure what the Plugins counter pf Plugins Manager showed. 107, 109, 111 Plugins?

it shows as 109 for me…

Just wanted to say this is very nice work, thank you! I installed it a day or two ago and so far have been very happy with the updated appearance and functionality.

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thanks for the feedback, like the repository on github if you are on there… gives me an idea of the plugin popularity… there is no other data

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I just liked a few of your plugins that I’ve installed and am playing with now!

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if youre seriously into work and productivity… you will enjoy Glancer

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This is a question that potentially leads to a feature request. Since I’m not sure whether what I’ll describe is currently possible in PluginManager, I wanted to ask here before making a feature request on github or something like that.

Anyway, I find the plugin update workflow very frustrating in Kanboard. What I want is to see a list of the plugins I have installed, with the ones that have updates available marked (if I need to click a button to search for updates that’s fine; I just want them displayed on the page where my installed plugins are listed). I want to be able to click a button to update the plugin, and have an “update all” button available if I don’t feel a need to look through each and every available update. I’d like that to update the plugins with some kind of progress indicator so that I know when the update is in progress and when it is complete. Basically, I want to do all this work on one page. Let’s call this a “single page plugin update workflow.”

As it stands, Kanboard has you jump between two pages, the list of available plugins and the list of installed plugins. You need to scan through the 118 available plugins (current count for me) to find the ones with updates. You then click the update button. You are flipped over to the top of the installed plugin page (not even scrolled down to the plugin you just updated). You have to navigate back to the available plugins page to continue your scan for other updates. All in all this is very awkward, creates a needless search through 118 plugins (instead of 18, which is what I have installed), and makes the whole process very “clicky” when it doesn’t have to be.

So my question is: can PluginManager be used in the single page plugin update workflow? If so, where is that configuration because I don’t see it? If not, does anyone have thoughts about this as a feature request?



After reading this, I’ve to confirm, at least a filter for updatable plugins would be a fine thing. Or even better, a notification. That way, skimming the installed plugin list regularly would become obsolete.


it will take some time, as most of the time I don’t know what I am doing but I will see if I can simplify the process from my side. As it is, PluginManager was some heavy work.


Yes, I see. I’m truly thankful for your work. Even in its current state or version, it’s a giant improvement and very helpful.


thanks, that means a lot. I also had faced the workflow process initially and wanted to simplify it but the way Kanboard is coded, makes it very difficult. I remember making the update button bright orange as a result so that we could quickly skim up and down to identify updates.

A few plugins later, I will look at it again. Filters are very difficult due to the way the core is coded, but checking for updates, that might be worth further lookig into.

Im currently working on a new branding whitelabel plugin, so after that I will look into this again.

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Oh yes, please don’t get me wrong. PluginManager is great and I appreciate all the hard work it took to make it. I posted this in the interest of exploring future features if the things I listed are not currently available. I know that there are other priorities to consider as well, both in kanboard development and in life.

I think a filter, as @alfredb suggested, would go a long way towards making the current workflow easier.

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thats cool i totally understand. but a filter would be very hard to do, but never the less, I will look into it again, as that was a few months ago.

PlugIn manager is a huge step in the right direction to improve Kanboard and move it to something like 3.0 :wink:

Thanks for that. And i agree to abucci: there is no very good thing which you can not make a little bit better

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(just to trigger someone, hehe - never mind! :grin:)

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Hello all, I have released v1.7 which is mainly styling and bug fixes.

I need help to pull the plugins directory plugins and compare them to install. I tried it 3 times and can’t get it to work, so that is still a slow work in progress.

The new release should show in the updates in a day or two.

might not be exactly what you are looking for:

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