Calendar revival

It’s done. I’ve created my own fork of the “official” Calendar plugin.

I think I could fix some broken things and add features that I’ve personally missed in my daily use. My plugin is still named Calendar, like its origin. Maybe I’ll have to rename it later, as the in the plugin repository name is occupied by the original. Therefore, it’s not yet in the plugin repository, but you can download it from here.

Most valuable added features:

  • “Goto Date” button
  • Preferred calendar view
  • Moving & sizing of tasks

And many more. Please refer to the changelog for the full list of changes.

As usual, any feedback is highly appreciated. You are welcome to try it, you can report any issues and questions right here in this forum.

Goto-date button


the link is not working my friend

Sorry, the build system has refreshed the file meanwhile. I was unaware, that this changes the link.
Maybe it’s better to use the package link.

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Urgent release is critical in Kanboard Plugins, because existing Calendar plugin is unusable.

As I wrote earlier, I cannot add it to the official directory due to the name clash. But the time will come, maybe.

Isn’t it is possible to be released with a new name? Like Cal, AlfredCal, Kalendar, just to name a few.

Of course, it is. But renaming a plugin is a nice amount of work, and I still don’t know whether I want to do it.

true, what about listing it as a manual plugin? I think that might work for those who use pluginmanager

then again, i dont know if kanboard core would find a conflict and cause an issue

I think I’ll wait some time and then probably rename it. I would rather not kick others out, even if there is no further development for, may I say, years?

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I would love to use Calendar plugin without plugin manager too.

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Out of curiosity: Did anyone try my Calendar at all? Besides four hearts, I didn’t get any feedback for now. Just wondering.

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It’s done. My calendar is in the official directory.


Thanks for your legendary work. :heart_eyes:

I’ve just updated my calendar plugin, everything’s gone smoothly :blush:

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Hello, i’m trying your plugin, what am I doing wrong when my calendar doesn’t display any activities (it’s empty)

looks like issue with greenwing template