Calendar view / Plugin Calender

I saw that the plugin is archived, but would still like to use it.

Specifically, I would like to see all the tasks on the board on the calendar oriented by the due date. However, that doesn’t seem to be possible. There is no option for this.

Is it possible to reactivate the PlugIn to make changes or is there another possibility for a calendar view that aligns with the due date?

Or do i miss something?

Cheers, Fx

There is a fork which is still alive, I think.

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Looks great! Thank you!

Still no option to have all task by due date on the calender view. And to be honest: i do not really understand how the two options are gonna work (what they are good for).

I just would expect to have a calendar view where i can see each task with it’s due date (nothing more).

Most of our tasks have no start date. We do not use time recording. Just a due date (and an user field when the task has to be completed). The due date is used more like a “reminder date”.

Have to digg deeper in that. But not for now.

Thanks again!

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I think the whole plugin needs a rework. I simply do not get what that calendar really does.


no start date set

Option: show based on start date.

Entry shown on 16.02.(???)

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I would like to recommand using below fork, I’ve used for 6 months and works great.


Thank you! I’ll give it a try!