Sorting a column by due date


First of all, thank you so much to all the developpers of Kanboard and it’s plugins. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to use this realy nice software under open source licence !

I’m not sure if it is a bad practice or not when you try to apply the kanban methodology but, i would like to be able to sort any column by due date, just like in List mode.

Why it is not possible, even in the latest release (1.2.10) ?

Many thank’s


Thank’s but i tried this plugin and it sorts all the board by a preference setting.

I would like to be able to sort only a column of my choice at any time, just like the others kind of sorting (by priority, by assigne or both). Can we add, by due date ?

no idea if it gets merged or not

Great ! I’m going to apply all theses modifications for 1.2.10 on my server.

What about the next release of Kanboard, do theses changes be integrated ?

Thank’s again :slight_smile:

Its just a pull request,its up to fred if it gets merged or not. If so, then yes, it will be in the next release.


It’s merged that’s a good news !


Yes, good news, thank’s for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is a due date feature for board columns now, but the ones without a due date are highest priority–please change that or make a default offset of “+90 years” if blank like in dmorlitz/kanboard-duedate. Having a plugin just to do that adds unnecessary complexity. The same sorting issue occurs in “My Tasks,” so possibly other screens as well.

Shouldn’t be difficult, I can exclude them from the query, and then merge them back in to the array based on direction after. No idea when I might get to it, I’ll try and do it soon though.

Although, the question now is, should the blank due dates always be at the bottom? Or should they be at the top when sorted last to first?