DueDate PlugIn new release and take over

I have taken over the Repo for the DueDate PlugIn. David moved it to my Git-Account.

We’ve changed the plugins.json as well and it should be visible in the next few days.

Cheers, fx


look into your download file… the plugin version didnt match what was stated in plugins.json… this will cause user issues in installing or detecting updates

Thanks for you advice!

I saw that earlier today and placed a new pull request. That is still awaiting approval.

Latest version is v1.2.0

And the readme is updated

yeah I just checked that again… your download link shows return '1.1.0'; as the version NOT v1.2.0

look at the GitHub - kanboard/website: Kanboard's website readme and compare your download link to the example download link.

Also, your release is wrong. Follow the readme, I was once new too and then to make it easier for other kanboard newcomers, I re-wrote the readme to make it easier.

Looking for a third time, I dont think your translations will work either based on the release version

Thanks again for double checking this! And yes, you are right!

I closed the pull request from this morning. Fixed the links and created a new one. Hopefully thats correct now.

Cheers, Fx

Un-be-liev-able - i had to change it one more time. The unpacked archive from Github fails with a wrong PlugIn Folder.

As stated in the readme of the website. But who reads such lines anyway :nerd_face:

Now i created a “release” folder and put an archive in that folder with correct paths and used that as target for the download link. Hopefully…

Nice holidays to everyone!

Cheers, fx

how you zip it matters as well. I always use 7zip. windows built in zip, can screw up the folder.


Thanks for your tipp! I’am on 7zip for years :+1: :upside_down_face:


Version v1.2.1 is available

Minor changes: changelog.md