iCal data with duedate only


I find the option to have an iCal access to a specific board very nice.

Unfortunately actualy the used date (range?) to show that in Outlook or Thunderbird is not very readable and does not help me (i find that display very confusing).

What i miss is simply to see the duedate of a task in my Kalender-Client Software. Nothing else:

This woud lead to a single calendar entry (Title of the task) maybe with a reminder 24 h before that specific day.

Is this possible? Maybe with a plugin? Maybe there is such a plugin? Or can this be achieved somehow else?


Cheers, Fx

i failed to understand the question.

I feared that :blush:

Well let’s say this is my week view of my Kanboard calendar (iCal) in Thunderbird:

I can not do anything with that.

When i switch to day view i get this for Fr. 24.02.:

Starting from 0:00 h painting the whole day until 23:59 h

I just would like to see a task title e. g. 8:00 h but only it’s duedate is 24.02. If not i do not want to see it.

Like this if no. 35 has a due date of today (24.02.)

Hope this make it more clear… :blush:

it does, but that last screen shot is a half hour time frame, from 6am. So…you want 00:00 to equal 06:00 with 30 min range?

You might be beetter off, giving it a Time.

In all practical Calendars, no time = whole day. Because it is due, that day.

And back to, if you have multiple tasks due that day, now one would need to be 6am-6:30 and next one 6:30 to 7am, and so forth. You are talking about some logic there.

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This is precisely what you get, if you only set the due date for the tasks, but omit the start date. The reminder you are asking for is another story.

I would say, everything is possible. It depends on the required efforts. :smiley:

But TBH, the current iCal feeds are also not a real help for me.

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You are right. For a “useful” display of the due date we need some rules to be defined upfront.

I would say a due date (in an iCal duedate feed ;.-) should show up on start of business (08:00 am e. g.) with a duration of zero minutes. This should lead to a readable display. If the time is set to “0:00”. If time is set than this time has to be taken into account. Also with a duration of zero minutes.

But as writing and discussing this i came to the conclusion, that here is an extra plugin needed wich provides an extra iCal calendar for a board only for duedates.

Never the less: the iCal in it’s current form does not make sense to me as far as i can judge this.

Thanks for you feedback and input!

Cheers, Fx

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I would (optionally?) omit the time, deal with dates only. At least for me, that would be sufficient.

Could also be an option. But if you ommit the time you have a “whole day” event in the calendar.

Anyway: at the moment i do not see that someone™ is going to develop such a plugin. I’am capable to develop things, but not in PHP.

my “whole day” events actually appear at the top of the day as a line item in my Teams calendar. Just throwing that out there.

Doublechecked that here. Yes, you are right :blush:

You mean, you’ll need both, due date “all day” and with time?

No, for my personal use a small entry based on the due date in a calendar app with the Tasktitle would be sufficent. A real display of an “all day” event would work.

Maybe for others i may be nice to have the time also shown up.

Just a sidenote: While digging in the iCal stuff, I detected this: When I move a due date in KB, the iCal still shows the previous date. Is this by default? Anyone knows something about this?

I tried something, to show the due date only, even if the task has also a starting date.
Consider trying my plugin, any feedback appreciated.

Please keep in mind: As a consequence, any task with a start-date set but no due date, will not be shown in the calendar feed.

For me that works, I don’t need more.

That’s exact what i’am aiming for. A due date only calendar for a board. Regardless of other dates that may be set or not. Sounds perfect! I will give it a try asap und give feedback!


Cheers, Fx

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Could not wait…

Looks great! After i found the hidden option under Settings/Application Settings at the end of the page :smile:

I would like to suggest to add this information to the readme.md

1.) Each entry appears two times in my calendar?


2.) Where can i set the update interval? Core setting? Outlook says: depends on the provider of the Internet Calendar…

I’am looking forward to see this final. Simply great!

Further investigation:

The entries occur two times in the .ics file - no Outlook issue. But not one be one. I have a list with all items and after that the complete list again append.

For the update intervall i found this information:

This has to be applied to the iCal file (should result to 30 min. update interval, i guess):

More Info and test possibilties:

Cheers, Fx


Hmm, I don’t have seen any doublets.

You cannot tweak this, AFAIK. It takes an hour or so until refreshing, but I didn’t find the exact cause yet.

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This property specifies a suggested minimum interval for polling for changes of the calendar data from the original source of that data.

In my understanding, this is a suggestion. In my tests, I noticed that KB delivers the updated feed data, but TB sticks on the previous one. But I’m keeping an eye on that.

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I’ve added an option to modify the TTL setting.

But I’m uncertain whether this is really a good way to go.

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